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Friday, 16 June 2017

Top 18 Best Places to Visit in New Delhi

Delhi is significantly something other than a city of adoration. It is the total blend of convention and advancement. A city with incalculable landmarks on one hand and a world class airplane terminal and metro on the other. Road nourishment, shopping centers, thrifty shopping places, religious spots, theater; and so on and Delhi has it! Here are the 18 must-see puts in Delhi. Bring down your notes and visit them all when you drop by!


The Lotus Temple or the Bahá'í House of Worship is an engineering perfect work of art which will make you need to go "stunning" yet hold up, you can't state that resoundingly! All things considered, when inside the sanctuary, you need to look after hush! There are no sermons or ceremonial exercises honed, one can simply sit in peace and go to their particular divine beings. 

Nearest metro station-Nehru Place (Violet Line) 

Tip– Lotus Temple composes day by day shows to teach individuals about Bahá'í confidence. Add that to your rundown.


This is an unquestionable requirement see site and ought to be high on your need list. Akshardham draws in 70% of all sightseers who visit Delhi (not astonishing by any means!). When you enter, I wager you wouldn't have any desire to clear out. It has stunning design, an intriguing wellspring appear, an instructive watercraft ride, a colossal garden, a sustenance court that offers delectable dishes and considerably more. 

Nearest metro station-Akshardham (Blue Line) 

Tip-Try to achieve early with the goal that you can encounter all exercises before the mind boggling closes


On the off chance that you are a workmanship fan or simply get a kick out of the chance to go "aww" over fabulous brush strokes, you should visit this place. NGMA is a standout amongst the most peaceful open structures in Delhi. Go out for a stroll around this excellent bit of engineering and you won't have any desire to return to the hustling streets of Delhi. 

Nearest metro station-Khan Market (Violet Line) 

Tip– Buy picture post cards and trinkets at moderate costs from the Museum shop.


This landmark was depicted as the 'last flash in the light of Mughal design'. It was worked in 1754 for statesman Safdarjung. The enormous structure is encompassed by excellent greenery enclosures of the Mughal charbagh style. You'll be positively astonished with the noiseless condition here despite the fact that it is appropriate alongside the bustling Lodi Road. 

Nearest metro station-Jor bagh (Yellow line) 

Tip– If you have an accomplice, the greenhouses are the place to get all cuddly!


When you visit Purana Qila, keep in mind to walk upto the National Zoological Park or Delhi Zoo. It is spread over a region of 176-section of land and is extremely (perused veryyyy) swarmed on ends of the week. In the event that you like long strolls this place is ideal for it. Stroll around getting a charge out of the interesting exercises of hippos and the crazy giggles of the hyaenas. You can likewise lease a battery-worked vehicle at the zoo to take a visit. 

Nearest metro station-Pragati Maidan (Blue Line) 

Tip– If somebody awakens the lion from his sleep, appreciate the loud 'Rawwwwr'.


Baoli which implies stepwell was built with a specific end goal to safeguard water in old circumstances. What is unique about this baoli is that it is arranged ideal in the heart of the city, encompassed by tall structures of Connaught Place. In the group you may spot artists and craftsmen working their enchantment on paper on account of the magnificence of the area. 

Nearest metro station-Rajiv Chowk (Yellow Line) 

Trivia– This place is said to be a standout amongst the most spooky spots of India!


This garden is a treat to the eyes. It has 25 figures and wall paintings in plain view and walkways encompassed by blossoming and fragrant bushes and trees. There is additionally a sustenance and shopping court in the garden where you can appreciate a decent feast while a light breeze stirs your faculties. The garden is spotted as a standout amongst the most sentimental places in Delhi. 

Nearest metro station-Saket (Yellow Line)


Ranbir Kapoor and Nargis Fakhri yell out some plastered discoursed in the Hauz Khas Fort in their motion picture Rockstar! The Fort ignores an excellent lake where you can nourish delightful ducks and swans. To achieve the lake, go out for a stroll through the deer stop and appreciate the spotted creatures. While you are in a hurry you will run over sheets which will direct you to perform wellness works out, in the event that you are the fun loving sort I propose you to tail them in transit, it makes the walk completely fun-tastic. 

The "Town" offers incredible eateries, plunge bars, clubs, and shopping boutiques. After you make the most of your quiet minutes at the stronghold you can take off to one of the prominent bars and appreciate a decent drink. Hauz Khas Village is without a doubt a blend of everything pleasant huh? 

Nearest metro station-Green Park (Yellow Line) 

Tip– Take heaps of photos; this place makes everybody more photogenic.*chuckles*


The Dargah is a standout amongst the most consecrated sepulchers in India. On the off chance that you are pondering what it precisely resembles, simply picture the tune 'Kun Faya Kun' from the motion picture Rockstar. 

A mystery passage was found by The Aga Khan Trust for Culture and Archeological Survey of India (ASI) which connected Nizammudin Dargah to Nizammudin Ki Baoli. The Baoli has a wooden base and a well which in place even following 800 years. The water of the Baoli is viewed as heavenly by explorers. 

Nearest metro station-JLN stadium (Violet Line) 

Tip– Attend the Kawallis on Thursdays and Saturdays, they are said to have an 'uncommon touch'.


This place gives you a tiny bit of everything. An outside complex with immense sun oriented boards on the rooftop, craftsmanship shows in the exhibitions, yummy sustenances from the road of India and a decent old American breakfast of bacon and eggs. As far back as 2011, the Delhi Photo Festival is held here. 

Nearest metro station(s) – Jor Bagh (Yellow line)/JLN stadium (Violet Line) 

Trivia– If you were pondering where the Rang De Basanti amphitheater is, this is it!


Everybody is aware of the heavenly India Gate! Round the year one can see individuals picnicking or simply getting a charge out of a pleasant stroll around the territory. There are wonderful wellsprings around to make the territory pleasant and comfortable. On the off chance that you happen to come around the October-November period do agree to accept the Airtel Half Marathon; an early morning keep running at Raj Path will undoubtedly remain carved in your memory. 

Nearest metro station-Central Secretariat (Yellow line) 

Tip– Take a stroll around India Gate with a dessert post nightfall, you are certain to be entranced.


Qutub Minar is the second tallest minar in India. It has been announced as an UNESCO Heritage Site. At the foot of the tower stands a mosque which is the principal mosque worked in India. It has a 7 m press column in the yard with an entrancing saying appended to it. It is said that in the event that you can circle it with your hands while remaining with your back to it your desire will be satisfied. 

Nearest metro station-Qutub Minar (Yellow line) 

Tip– Read up about the historical backdrop of Qutub Minar, it's entirely intriguing!


Adding to the rundown of glorious landmarks in Delhi, there is Red Fort. It is likewise an UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE. It filled in as the habitation for Mughal Emperors for about 200 years. The surviving structures of the fortress are its dividers and bulwarks, the fundamental doors, the group of onlookers corridors and the majestic lofts. 

Chandni Chowk, which paves the way to the Red Fort is one of the most seasoned markets in Delhi. It houses numerous religious structures like the Gurdwara Sis Ganj Sahib, Jama Masjid, chronicled chateaus, shops and restaurants. Paranthe Wali Gali is a standout amongst the most renowned eating zones in the market. The market is an astonishing spot to search for textures, stationary (at Nai Sadak), equipment and silver and gold adornments. 

Nearest metro station – Chandni Chowk (Yellow Line) 

Tip– Shop throughout the day however do remain back for the light and sound show at 6pm at Red Fort.


This is the third UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE on our rundown. It was worked after the passing of Humayun by his senior dowager Bega Begum. It is the principal plant tomb in the Indian Subcontinent. The tomb remains in the focal point of a square garden called "Charbagh" which has shallow water channels going through it. A few leaders of the Mughal Dynasty lie covered here. 

Nearest metro station-JLN stadium (Violet line)


The President's living arrangement is one place you better not miss. The manor is interested in voyagers for visit on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The Mughal Gardens with two channels and fiery wellsprings add to the magnificence of the place. They are interested in people in general from February-March each year. 

Nearest metro station-Central Secretariat (Yellow Line)


Shop, eat, watch a motion picture or simply laze in the Central Park; Connaught Place is the ideal area for all that. Have a milkshake in a glass bottle at Keventers or an espresso at Starbucks, get a sweet treat from Wengers or a burger from KFC; you have an excessive number of eateries to browse! Stroll through the hallways of the market to locate some low evaluated knickknacks and books. Look for marked garments, footwear and adornments all that in one major roundabout market. Escape the inward hover to stroll towards Janpath market to look for stylish garments, gems and masterpieces at disposable costs. 

Only a short distance far from CP is the social center of Delhi. Mandi House has numerous theaters which have organize plays and different exhibitions frequently. Get a phase demonstration at Kamani Auditorium or Sri Ram Center of Performing Arts to get a thought of how much ability this city brings to the table! 

Nearest metro station-Rajiv Chowk (Blue Line) 

Tip1– Try out the well known Depauls espresso at Janpath. 

Tip2– Sit in Central Park after nightfall, the CP circle turns delightful when lit upward!


So you have shopped at Connaught Place and are going home? Not right now! Make a stop at the excellent white marble Sikh Gurudwara. The resonant droning of songs will transport you to an alternate world all together. The "Sarovar" which is a sacred water body in the Gurudwara premises keeps it cool throughout the entire year. The 'Kada Prasad' is excessively yummy, just melts in your mouth. 

Nearest metro station(s) – Rajiv Chowk/Shivaji Stadium 

Tip– A dunk in the Sarovar at a young hour in the morning and an essence of the Langar is an unquestionable requirement.



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